What’s On The List?



Our college friends reunion is fast approaching and I am the organizer in the event. We have been planning for this reunion since forever and now that we all agreed on a certain date and venue we are all excited to see each other for over six years already.


The venue will be at our friend’s place somewhere around the town. We all agreed to pitch in share of food and I assigned food to each and every one of them. I will bring in eight boxes of pizza while my pal Gina shall take charge of the drinks (wine and beer included). My other pal Wilma will be cooking some pasta for us and she will also bring bread. My other friends Sam and Nimfa, they are now a couple, will  be bringing in some chicken wings and fries!


We all agreed that we will also have a gift giving part of the party, since Christmas is just around the corner. I said we should buy gifts for unisex (like best wooden watches ) so it will be quite a challenge for us. Since yesterday, I am listing down possible idea for unisex gifts