A millenial’s take on online shopping

I just think that the job of the reviewer is to objectively provide an analysis of a product or service, and and I don’t think that I can give an Amazon Prime Canada review without giving them 10 out of 10. It’s not based on some bias or my own feelings, it’s based on pure objectivity. Honestly, I’m a student in Vancouver, City that struggles with affordability in anything. Seriously, Transit is expensive and not worth the money that is paid, and I don’t know if there is a bigger housing crisis in all of North America than there is in the city of Vancouver. Being a student here is very difficult. So, when Amazon Prime entered my life, I have to admit that I was pretty thrilled with the breadth of services that they were able to provide for and affordable and convenient amount cuz that’s the other thing, is efficiency. Amazon Prime does all of these things and they seem to prioritize efficiency over almost anything else, and, as a student here, when I can have something done for a low price at a high level, in an expedient amount of time, I have so much gratitude and appreciation for the provider of that service. No, I never thought that I would be here seeing the Praises of Amazon, as a young student, Millennial who has a lot of opinions about corporate everything, but I would be remiss to say anything negative about the quality of service that they are offering right now, it is simply the best of its kind anywhere that I have seen. And that’s saying something, if you ask me.