Love representations

Love representations

The most noticeable and accessible representations of love in our world nowadays are love pictures.  We refer to those images in which love is represented graphically.
People find it very delightful to observe these images, so many of them spend some time of their daily life to contemplate couples kissing, a loving family going for a walk, etcetera. All of this can be seen in real life and can also be represented thanks to the magic of digital art, courtesy of technology and internet.
Fortunately, the images we have just mentioned are not the only way in which this alluring concept of love can be depicted.

Painting the love

Painting is one of the oldest art forms. When artists relied on only brushes and paint, they made use of these resources -together with their natural gift- and created marvelous artworks that showed love from their point of view. Many of these works have been acknowledged as very valuable pieces of art to this day. To mention some of them, we can refer to “The Jewish Bride” by Rembrandt and “The lovers” by René Magritte, both displaying two people loving each other.  You can find them in museums or you can download them from the internet to keep them with you.

Sculpting the love

Another form of art, which also dates to a long time ago, is sculpture. What is so great about how this art form can present love is that it operates in three dimensions. In contrast, paintings can only be exhibited in two dimensions. Therefore, if you already enjoy catching a glimpse of painted samples of love, you will surely be amazed by love sculptures.

Love in the form of pictures

So far, we have considered two precious art forms from which love can be admired.
Love can also be turned into art by means of photography. Photography is a more contemporary form of art and tools such as cameras are getting better and better as years go on. As a result, experts on photography are taking amazing pictures of love.
Of course, love cannot be seen because it is an abstract concept, but there are many ways of creating a setting in which this feeling can be represented. For instance, if someone takes a camera when going for a walk, he or she may find amazing spontaneous loving scenes to capture. When this does not happen, photographers are in charge of adjusting the landscape and the people involved to have wonderful love pictures as a result.