Hardware facts about LG 360 camera

Hardware facts about LG 360 camera


LG g6 360 camera is the new generation photography tool. The camera with its 360-degree spherical view capture is the most advanced and delicate piece of equipment of present age. Let discuss in more the details the hardware aspects of LG g6 360 camera.


The camera stick itself is on 3.5’’ tall. The top half is equipped with two lenses facing opposite to each other. Each lens can capture 200 degrees hence the combine image of two lenses is spread over 360 degrees. Below the lenses the plastic holding grip gives an ergonomic feel with camera.


LG on this camera has avoided the cluster of buttons for the sake of simplicity. LG g6 360 camera only has only one shutter button to operate. Different modes and operations are also accessible through the same button with delayed presses. The problem appears while turning the device off because it is very difficult to turn the device without capturing unintentional 360 views.


The whole device comes packed in a cap in order to protect the lenses. You can keep the camera in sight cap saved when it Is not in use. The camera also has mount for tripod as well and can be used for accurate images with stand but you will not be able to keep the stand hidden itself because the wide lenses of LG g6 360 camera capture everything in spherical view. It can be used with hand held experience but in that case image will be shaky with lots of movements. That can compromise quality a little.

Normal look

The camera itself does not present a sci-fi appearance as the devices with similar function are legimately allowed to have. The device is too simple in look and too easy in usage. This simple looks is also useful since you won’t need all your attentions on camera otherwise.

Power and charging

At the bottom of the camera USB-C connector allows you to charge the battery along with syncing possibilities. At the bottom, there is also a slot for micro SD card. Only 1200 mAh will allow you to be use camera in remote areas but the capacity is not much so frequent recharges would be required. The images and videos can be transferred through from the same slot or you have the option to pull out microSD card and extract the images in more traditional cameras