How to in cooperate Beacon in the tracking of assets

Most times customer’s application is the only aspect beacon technology is that is focused on; customers aren’t the only dimension of the value of beacon technology. Sometimes it looks less of no consequence in the managements of assets, but it can be of great importance and can increase your business value.

What is assets Management?

This term needs to be defined before we can discuss of the improvement to make. An iBeacon technology can tell you the particular location of the property is; there are hope for no loss of equipment and a faster and more accurate stoke taking. It improves monitoring, none of your assets can just disappear without you knowing its location.

You just have to attach the beacon system on the items, and a `can be monitored using probably an Eddystone technology

How to locate your assets

A large number of companies has tried the RFID technology over the past few years. It was useful but have reduced range coverage that is it cannot be used for large spaces. This is where the roles of Beacon technology can assist. They have longer range coverage because it can be deployed in groups. Beacon can be spread over a large area for the quickly tracking of the items within the coverage sphere.

Also, Beacon gives a high sense of security and a more cover for a signal sent and received.

Warehouse Inventory and Logistics

The directory of a warehouse can be a time involving process with scores of staffs to carry it out; they required scanning in and out of the store, which is done manually to record the various items in turns.

Using beacon technology you scan receive real-time information on the position and stock level. Although, it cannot easily give the posts of a particular asset. Transportation hub or even individual cars can be tagged with a beacon which will allow the monitoring of the property continuously; this will bring down the logistic workload, make security better and will enable businesses to have a proper workflow. In business environment nowadays, where they are a constant problem with speed and agility, the ability to know the location and distribute the goods according can help you gain competitive advantage.


Process Management

It is also possible to monitor parts and materials during a manufacturing process, which can aid processing and completion, even the assign staffs to a particular task based on their closeness to the assets.