Should I buy metal, plastic or wooden rocking chairs?


Rocking chairs are originally made from wood, but if you are interested in helping the environment without having to sacrifice comfort, then maybe this article is the right one for you. Metal and plastic rocking chairs are very popular nowadays because they suit modern households in addition to their other special features. In this article we will highlight the pros and cons of the different types of materials used in manufacturing rocking chairs:

Wooden rocking chairs:

These are the most elegant ones. They are usually preferred in classic households or bought to add some warmth to the room. They are rather durable but require some kind of maintenance. If you are planning on using your rocking chair outside, you will have to have it refinished every year so that it doesn’t wear or decay. Over time, you might see that the paint has started to dry and chap off and you will have to apply a fresh coat every few years. They are usually upholstered with different types of fabrics or you could easily sit on the wooden bottom. Rattan bottom chairs are also very comfortable because they are breathable.

Wood can easily get stained and has to be checked for loose screws or splinters. A wooden chair is not very easy to move around. When you are buying a wooden chair, this means that you cost the world one more tree.

Plastic rocking chairs:

These are the perfect rocking chairs to use on the patio or on the porch. Plastic chairs are usually made from recycled materials and can be fully recycled later on. This means that these chairs are good for the environment. Plastic requires no maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or some soap and water. Plastic rocking chairs are usually comfortable to sit on even without padding but they won’t support very heavy weights.

Plastic is not very durable although it will not react with the elements. They are relatively cheap though, so you can easily have your rocking chair replaced.

Metal rocking chairs:

Metal rocking chairs are usually made from wrought iron, steel or aluminum. They are very sturdy and will typically live forever. Metal rocking chairs are great to use around modern households where a classic wooden rocking chair would seem too odd. They can be easily cleaned and don’t require much maintenance. The weight of the chair will depend on the metal used to make it but they are usually lighter than wooden chairs.

Metal chairs will transfer the heat, so if you leave them in the sun they might feel too hot. Sitting on a metal chair without any cushioning is not everyone’s preference. They can also cause some static shock in dry weather.


Understanding the basic feature of every material, will help you when you are shopping for rocking chairs.