Basic grade calculator

So, I found my way onto the final exam calculator, way or the final grade calculator, or as it’s called on the website the final grade percentage calculator. No matter how you’re going to phrase it, it does the same thing. With only three very basic pieces of information: your current grade,  The grade that you hope to or need to achieve in that course, and the value or worth of the final exam in the context of all of the rest of the work that you will be doing, the result of what you need to achieve on your final exam to get the grade that you want is calculated for you instantly. That is the type of convenient service that saves a lot of mental energy, and simply would not have been available in the past. I swear, there has never been a time that is better than this one to be a student. Student life is always being made easier and more convenient. This is just another example of that, and I am very grateful to be a student in today’s day and age, so that a tool like this can help me navigate the worth of my final exams in a world full of teachers who weigh the aspects of their courses very differently from each other. I do find it to be trivial that teachers decide to do this, but I also don’t see it stopping anytime soon, so I do think that I will be frequent in the final grade percentage calculator on a fairly regular basis every time that final exam season rolls along. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles I guess, and I’m glad that this resource is able to provide me with answers and allow me to be more efficient with how I spend my mental energy.