All children want is what they enjoy

All children want is what they enjoy

As I reread this article that I published in 2018, albeit little has changed regarding my view of co-dependency, such a deeper understanding of the harm the co-dependent creates for it-self and the depend was revealed.

"O" you do not like that? Nevertheless, it's good for you" Most kids have no concept of what's good for them, in reality with an incentive out towards good health, most children could care less. All children want is what they enjoy, and if you tell them they do not like something, as the above scenario shows, you set them up to fail.

If you wish for a child to do the perfect thing, mimic the behavior, give them no other alternative but to do the right thing.

If they refuse to eat the veggies, then always put them on their plate, and nothing else. When the veggies are gone, allow them to consume, within reason, whatever more they like. Kids will not let themselves starve, but if you are foolish enough to allow them to, they will play on your emotions.

After raising two daughters with a co-dependent who didn't support my efforts, but rather undermined all I did, I then remarried. With this woman's support we raised two foster kids together, until the system felt their drug abusing parents eventually had the minimal amount of clean time in order to try their hands at parenting again.

After this, instead gut wrenching, but rewarding experience, then I wrote the following article.

Who's shielding Our Children?
There should be as many different tactics to raise children, since there are different kinds of children. Because each child is as different as a finger print, I do not believe that anyone has the perfect solution. I am not certain what truly works with children, but I do know what does not work with all kids.